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Viktória Siposs,
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Photo: Viktória Siposs

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Photo: Viktória Siposs
Several trade fairs have been organised for the promotion of products that are based on extensive, nature-friendly landscape management. At these festivals a wide range of natural products will be presented. Naturally, the emphasis is on "fruits", both literally and in the broader sense, of the floodplains. The baskets woven from the osier of willows, dough-baskets made from rushes of the marshes, furniture, bowls and plates carved from the wood of the native Black poplar are just some of the eye-pleasing products of the ancient water-world that can still be put to good use around the house and kitchen. The fruits of the "jungle orchards", the honey of the floodplain meadows, the fish from the clay-pits and from Tóalja are all produced without the use of chemicals, while the meat of the free-range grey cattle and mangalica, the traditional Hungarian hog breed, are free from the risks created by modern, intensive meat production methods.
So far the Tisza-LIFE project has been presented at 5 festivals, (since 2001 at Szarvas during the 'Plum-festival' and since 2002 at Szolnok during the 'Gulyás-festival'). It is planned that these activities will be continued over the comong years.
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