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Viktória Siposs,
Tisza Programme Officer



The aims of the programme

The programme will help ensure that the presence of grazing animals is maintained
Photo: Viktória Siposs

  • conservation of the existing natural habitats (wetlands and forests), to restore potentially high quality natural habitats, to transform non-native tree plantations into semi-natural forests, to convert arable fields into extensively managed fields or semi-natural habitats, to maintain and where possible extend traditional agriculture (grasslands for grazing herbivores, traditional jungle orchards, meadows), to contribution to integrated rural development in order to keep people in the region;
  • restoration of the biological production of floodplains in selected model areas;
  • contribution to the decrease of agriculture related contamination at Hungary's second largest drinking water table;
  • development of a new flood prevention policy initiative to widen the floodplains by moving the dykes in selected areas farther from the river. Through this the water storage capacity of the floodplain increases contributes to prevent future flood catastrophes like the ones in 1998 and 1999. These new floodplain areas can become good quality wetlands in the long run.
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