About the Tisza-LIFE programme
What is LIFE?
The aims of the programme
Target groups
Relation with partners
Outreach Activities
Viktória Siposs,
Tisza Programme Officer



Target groups

Our model-sites are attracting wide range of interested people
Photo: Ferenc Kis

In total there are three target groups of the project.

  • Local farmers are primarily targeted in order to help promote extensive farming practices. The programme also provides them with an advisory service.
  • Local municipalities, mayors and rural development microregion? leaders are targeted so as to influence their attitudes and knowledge, to gather their opinions and ideas about the projects? targets, and to play a greater role in their planning processes.
  • Political decision makers are targeted in order to help modify the current legislation, to improve the regulation of subsidies, and to achieve a better outcome of the National Agri­Environmental Programme for nature conservation.
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